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Strategic Plant Management for Zyra Cool Downs Players

Zyra Cool Downs is a champion in the popular online game, League of Legends, known for her unique kit that revolves around her ability to grow plants and use them to deal damage and control the battlefield. She is a plant mage who was once a human, but transformed by dark magic.

Understanding Zyra’s Plants

Before we dive into cool downs, let’s first understand how Zyra Cool Downs plants work. Zyra can summon two types of plants: Thorn Spitters and Vine Lashers. Thorn Spitters deal ranged damage and have a longer range than Vine Lashers, while Vine Lashers deal melee damage and slow enemies. Both types of plants last for a set amount of time and can be destroyed by enemies.

Importance of Plant Management

Proper plant management is crucial when playing Zyra Cool Downs. Plant cooldowns are relatively long, and wasting them can leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks or unable to capitalize on opportunities. For example, if you use all of your plants too early in a team fight, you may be unable to effectively zone or peel for your carries later in the fight.

Zyra Cool Downs Abilities and Cooldowns

Zyra has four basic abilities that each have their own cooldowns:


Deadly Spines – 7 seconds


Rampant Growth – 20/18/16/14/12 seconds


Grasping Roots – 12 seconds


Stranglethorns – 130/110/90 seconds

In addition, her W ability has two different plants that it can create, each with its own set of cooldowns:

  • Thorn Spitter – 8 seconds
  • Vine Lasher – 8 seconds

Zyra’s passive ability, Garden of Thorns, also spawns seeds periodically that last for 30 seconds and can be used to create plants with her Q or E abilities.

How to Use Zyra Cool Downs Effectively

Zyra Cool Downs are relatively short compared to other mages, but they are still important to manage carefully. Here are some tips on how to use them effectively:

  • Use your Q and E abilities to poke and harass your enemies from a safe distance. Try to hit both the enemy and a seed with your Q or E to create a plant that will attack them automatically.
  • Use your W ability to plant seeds strategically around the lane or the objective. You can use them to create vision, zone enemies, or set up traps for your Q or E abilities.
  • Use your R ability to initiate or follow up on a team fight. Your R ability has a large area of effect that knocks up enemies and increases the damage and attack speed of your plants. Try to hit as many enemies as possible with your R and then unleash your Q and E abilities to create more plants.
  • Keep track of your cooldowns and your enemies’ cooldowns. You want to avoid trading when your abilities are on cooldown, especially your E ability which is your main form of crowd control. You also want to look for opportunities to punish your enemies when their abilities are on cooldown, especially their mobility or defensive abilities.


Zyra Cool Downs plant management is an important aspect of playing her effectively. Understanding the timing of when plants will spawn, prioritizing which plants to use in different situations, and managing plant cooldowns are all key components of proper plant management. By mastering these skills, you can maximize Zyra’s potential and become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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